FAN Liming


Department of Public Finance

Email: lmfan@sdu.edu.cn

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Born in Shandong Gaoqing. Party member of the Communist Party of China, doctor of economics, Professor, tutor of doctoral students, vice president of Shandong University, enjoy the special allowance of the State Council and Shandong Province "100 theoretical Talents Project" selected experts.

Learning and working experience:

The youth of Zhoucun District of Zibo city in September 1975;

December 1977 Zhoucun District, Zibo District, a vegetable company;

Shandong University Department of economics in 1978 3 month study;

February 1982 in the financial system of Zhongnan University of Economics, a master's degree;

Zhongnan University of Economics in December 1984;

In September 1986, he was appointed as an associate professor and professor in the Department of economics, Shandong University;

April 1991, deputy director of the Department of economics, Shandong University, April 1994, vice president of the school of economics, Shandong University,

In September 1996, the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of Finance and the study of the study, in July 1999 received a doctorate in economics;

March 2000 Dean of the school of economics, Shandong University,

In the meantime, from November 2000 to May 2003 in Xiamen University engaged in postdoctoral research work;

From October 2001 to May 2002, the American Public Policy Research Institute of Duke University, senior visiting scholar

September 2003 Ren Shandong University Party committee, vice president.

Major academic part-time:

Member of the Education Department of economics, the Ministry of education, the Ministry of education, professional setting and professional construction committee, executive director of China finance society, executive director of the China tax society, vice president of the Shandong provincial finance society, Shandong Province, vice president of the international tax research.