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The 17th Sino-Japanese Economics Conference and East Asia Economic Forum:

Publisher:   Time:2018-11-29 09:48:46


Conference Agenda

Date: November 17, 2018                                                     Venue: Zhixin Complex B321, SDU      






Opening Ceremony

Host: Sun Shuqin , Vice Dean of School of Economics, Shandong Unviersity

Address by:Cao Tingqiu, Dean of School of Economics, Shandong Unviersity;

          Nakamura Tamotsu, Dean of Faculty of Economics and Graduate School of Economics, Kobe University






Session I

Chair: Nakamura Tamotsu (Kobe University)

Topic1:Does the internet enhance the vertical specialization of Chinese enterprises?

Reporter: Shi BingzhanNankai University

Discussant: Yu Linhui ( Zhejiang University

Topic2:Multilateral or BilateralRethinking the construction mechanism of FTA-- a Case Study of CUSTA and NAFTA

Reporter: Lu Jing ( Zhejiang University

Discussant: Wang Junkai (Shandong University)


Group Photo (outside of Zhixin Building) and Coffee Break








Session II

Chair: Hu Qiuyang ( Nankai University

Topic3:Does Political Capital of Chinese Enterprises Change Their Performance? The Empirical Research Using the Data of Yangzhou City’s People’s Congress and Industrial Enterprises

Reporter: Kajitani Kai (Kobe University)

Discussant: Yao WanjunNankai University

Topic4:World Rare Disaster Concerns and Stock Returns

Reporter: Zhang Qunzi (Shandong University)

Discussant: Yang Yiwen (Soochow University)


Lunch Break (University Hotel, the First Floor)








Session III

Chair:  Gu GuodaZhejiang University

Topic5:Trade Conflicts, Confusions and Challenges

Reporter: Zhang Lijuan (Shandong University)

Discussant: Wu Xiuling (Soochow University)

Topic6:On the origin of property right institutions for merchants: the natural experiment in the Age of Exploration

Reporter:  Goto Jun (Kobe University)

Discussant: He Zhangyong ( Zhejiang University

Topic7:The Trend of Global Trade Development and its Implications

Reporter: Wu Xiuling (Soochow University)

Discussant: Li Jianqin (Zhejiang University)


Coffee Break  











Session IV

Chair: Sun Shuqin, Shandong University

Topic8:Does the tax-cooling measure on real estate really work?-An empirical study on Taiwan?

Reporter: Yang Yiwen (Soochow University)

Discussant: Nakamura Tamotsu(Kobe University)

Topic9:Does Export Expansion Affect Adult Morbidity? Evidence from China

Reporter:  Liu Kaihao(Shandong University)

Discussant: Shi Bingzhan (Nankai University)

Topic10:Does Foreign Investment Liberalization Enhance Women's Economic Independence? Micro Evidence from Urban China?

Reporter: Yu Linhui    ( Zhejiang University

Discussant: Liu Kaihao  (Shandong University)





Closing Ceremony

Remarks by: Nakamura Tamotsu, Dean of Faculty of Economics and Graduate School of Economics, Kobe University;

Sun Shuqin, Vice Dean of School of Economics, Shandong Unviersity



Gala Dinner (Shiyang Restaureant)





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