School of Economics at Shandong University (SDU-SE) offers 13 outstanding academic master programs in Economics, Finance, Industrial Economics, International Trade, Insurance, Investment Economics, Labor Economics, National Economics, Political Economy, Public Finance, Quantitative Economics, Regional Economics, and World Economics. Our curriculum consists of a variety of courses encompassing theoretical, empirical and practical aspects of each field, which allow students to pursue their individual interests and professional specializations with maximum flexibility. Our programs provide rigorous training in economic theory and quantitative tools, and encourage graduate students to undertake original researches early on. Ongoing weekly seminars participated by faculty and graduate students play a key role in fostering new ideas, and keeping abreast of the latest research frontiers. In addition, we routinely invite distinguished visiting scholars to enrich our academic activity. The School also maintains close ties with faculty at School of Management and School of Mathmatics to create a lively environment for interdisciplinary researches. 

  General Information

  1)Program Duration: 3 years. Credit hour requirements should be completed by the end of the first year of study. The second and third years are devoted to thesis writing and internship.
Credits: A total of 32 credit units or more are required for successful completion of the program, among which 26 should come from core courses and 6 from elective courses. Candidacy Confirmation: Candidates undertake the confirmation at the beginning of the third semester. The confirmation is an overall assessment of a candidate’s coursework, research ability and proposal, and health condition.
Research: At the beginning of the third semester, students must have presented a written proposal about their intended thesis. A progress report about their thesis should be submitted to the principal advisor every three months. The thesis is expected to be original, well-structured, and well-written. A thesis defense is completed in the middle of the sixth semester of the program.
Practice: Candidates should practice as teaching assistants, research assistants, or as interns in the society at large.
Study Mode: Students are encouraged to undertake part of their study in other top universities in or outside China to gain diverse experiences. Their thesis writing is supervised by a principal advisor from an appropriate school and an associate advisor in a related field.